Adult Education Academy


Student Impressions

"I want to thank you for hosting such an interactive winter school which gave me an opportunity to learn elaborately on Adult Education from diverse perspectives. Every activity undertaken in the winter school was very educative. The Winter School was well regulated. I enjoyed interacting with the participants from different countries. The interaction with the teachers has given a great insight on Adult Education and opened a new path for the scholars to research more."

"We all are really thankful for your cooperation and support there in Würzburg. Winter school 2015 had really been significant in terms of our academic qualification and personal experience. We also want to thank all of you who supported and accompanied us till we have been in Würzburg. Our experiences there have collectively been significant and Joyful we can made a lot out of these experiences and learnings." (Prateek Bansal - University of Delhi - India)

"The experience gained at the winter school has enhanced the overall perspective of the adult education and lifelong learning for me. As a student I have gained much theoretical knowledge about the subject especially the European context through Prof.Dr. Licinio Lima, Prof. Dr.Paula Guimaraes and  Prof. Dr. Regina  Egentenmeyer, other than the students I met during the winter school.               

"The winter school was a properly planned and executed programme for students across the world who participated in it.The various field visits helped me understand the working of various centres and thereby connect it to the theorectical knowledge gained.The staff and all the members associated with the programme were very organized amd effectively did their tasks.

As a learner I learnt much from travelling to this beautiful city ,met new people and acquired the kn owledge about different cultures and nations across the globe. Thank you Würzburg!" (Deepika Rao - University of Delhi - India)

 "Though I have no words to describe how much we enjoyed and learnt during the Winter School. Even before our arrival to Germany, you all had put in endless efforts to make everything easy and smooth for us, taking pains everyday, answering all sorts of queries and sorting out each and every trifle that existed. From filling up of our forms to writing up country reports, they were always there, responding very kindly and considerately to our each and every concern." (Shalini Shingh - PhD - Jawaharlal Nehru University - New Delhi - India)

"I got a wonderful exposure with people from 9 different countries in the winter school but apart from studies, the activities and interesting tours were organised and handled so smoothly, that we have actually started loving Germany and its people.....especially our hosts!!!"

"The International Winter School experience enriched me personally and professionally, thanks to the people I met and the high level of competencies of the Professors. I really appreciated the organization of the whole programme that  included at first, the international Classes giving students the opportunity to focus on the theory and on European policy;  then, the visits and the connected  discussions to them that gave us the opportunity to link theory and practices; lastly, the comparative groups, by which students were responsably in the centre of the activities showing all their creativity, their abilities and what they were able to learn. I want also to underline the effectiviness of all organization that included spaces, materials and break time." (Concetta Tino - University of Padua - Italy)

"My participation in the International Winter School - Comparative studies on adult and lifelong learning - was a very motivating and inspiring experience. Allowed a very interactive learning  with people dedicated to adult education, whether eminent professors, experts, master and doctoral students, key European stakeholders and  the local providers in adult education, what made me to expand and thus better understand the adult aducationn in Europe and other countries. The organization of the Winter Scholl, in an exemplary manner,harmonizing  different theoretical and practical moments and looking for that interaction is done with the greatest number of people from different countries. In my opinion, the organization and innovative methodologies used constitute a model that universities could use to promote the pleasure of learning and increase student participation. The enthusiastic welcome and the support given by all elements of the organization was exceptional. Cultural visits and organized get-together moments provided and enriched the informal sharing among all. Together, these factors led to the creation of an inspiring, challenging and rewarding environment, where learning is as natural as life itself. Thank you very much for giving me this unforgettable experience!" (Manuela Paulo - University of Lisbon - Portugal)

"It was an amazing experience and whenever I think of the Winter School, I get lot of inspiration and feel proud to have been a part of such a wonderful program."

"I really enjoyed participating the Winter School 2015 and it was an exciting learning process that I could work together with a group of enthuisastic students on the theme of quality in our working group!Also, it was a particularly challenging environment where I could collect and share knowledge on adult learning and education in a well-organised format together with an engaged community and its members." (Prof. Dr. Balázs Németh - Associate Professor & Head of Instituiton of Adult Education - University of Pécs - Hungary)

"It was the second time I attened Winter School and it was again an unique experience for me! These ten days made me very happy and increased my enthusiasm for my profession in the Adult Education!"

"I heard very late about the Winter School in Würzburg but I decided to apply and to participate. My doctoral studies started just a few months ago and first I thought that this might be too big for me. I felt like my English wasn’t the best and of course I learned about the topics in my bachelor and master studies, but they weren’t the main focus of my dissertation. Also participants from all over the EU, India and America, even from China were about to come, that really impressed me a lot. Now, a few weeks after the Winter School and home again I am very happy, that I had the courage to go to Würzburg and I don’t want to miss this experience."

"The first day of the Winter School for all international participants was also my arrival date and in the accommodation I met the first other participant. She was from Hungary, we talked a little bit and went together to university; I had to use my English and it helped to recognize, that someone else understands what I want to say."

"The first part of the Winter School the whole group was separated into two groups, each taught by another expert from Portugal. Every day I learned more about the theoretical framework we used and different educational institutions we visited as examples for Adult Education in Germany. With every day of the Winter School my I improved my English skills and became more and more self-confident"

"After (and between) our classes and field visits we had free time to join, go out and get to know each other. I met very interesting, fascinating and funny people from Texas, Hungary, Italy, India, Portugal, China, Rumania, Greece, ... from all I learned a bit about their home country and culture and through this I broaden my horizon. Of course I also learned about studying, Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in the different countries, which was very interesting and helps me academically."

"In the second part we were separated into smaller groups in which many countries were represented. We worked on the main topics and worked out some categories to compare the situations regarding the main topic in the represented countries. The work in the small group was very intensive and full of helpful experiences and insights. The relations to the other participants grew deeper and we managed to work together in a very productive and also enjoyable way."

"I really learned a lot, got to know many interesting people and even if I didn’t expected that, I also got useful hints for my dissertation. It is a great experience to work in an international team and use the capabilities of everyone."

"I really can advise everyone to think about a participation in the Winter School in Würzburg, even if there are doubts, it is a great chance, offers a lot, helps to learn and results in wonderful experiences." (Lydia Kratzert - PhD - Bielefeld University - Germany)