Adult Education Academy

    Preparatory Phase

    For preparation you are asked to do an online tutorial, some reading and write a transnational essay (8-10 pages) on the topic of your Comparative Group.

    Moodle Platform

    The preparation of the Adult Education Academy is going to be done online via the moodle platform WueCampus.

    1. For the login in, please first register here until 15th November 2016: https://wuecampus.uni-wuerzburg.de/moodle/login/signup.php 
    2. Afterwards, please forward the email adress you registered with via email to lifelonglearning@uni-wuerzburg.de
    3. After you have been given access, you will be able to visit the moodle platform here: https://wuecampus.uni-wuerzburg.de/moodle/enrol/index.php?id=18207

    Online tutorial

    Further Information on the online tutorial and the participant guide can be found at the moodle Course.

    Preparatory reading

    The reading texts for your preparation are provided at the moodle platform.
    Therefore, for preparation for the Adult Education Academy, students are invited to read the following in which the theoretical framework approached in the first week of the Adult Education Academy is used:

    • Lima, L. C. & Guimarães, P. (2011). European Strategies of Lifelong Learning: A Critical Introduction. Opladen & Farmington Hills: Barbara Budrich Publishers. URL: http://www.pedocs.de/volltexte/2013/8283/pdf/Lima_Guimaraes_2011_European_Strategies_in_Lifelong_Learning.pdf
    • Lima, L. C.; Guimarães, P. & Thouma, N. (2016). Adult learning and education policies in Germany, Portugal and Sweden: an analysis of national reports to CONFINTEA VI. In Regina Egetenmeyer (Edt.), Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in Europe and Beyond. Comparative Perspectives from the 2015 Würzburg Winter School. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Edition, pp. 29-66.

    The following optional articles include analysis based on the referred theoretical framework. In the first article students can observe how the mentioned theoretical framework can be used for discussing adult education and lifelong learning policies; in the second and third articles, concepts that are essential for the conceptual framework referred are discussed:

    • Lima, L. C. & Guimarães, P. (2015). Portugal: policy and adult education. In Trevor Corner (Edt.), Education in the European Union Pre-2003 Member States. Londres: Bloomsbury, pp. 246-263.
    • Griffin, C. (1999a). Lifelong learning and social democracy. International Journal of Lifelong Educa-tion, vol. 18, n.º 5, pp. 329-324.
    • Griffin, C. (1999b). Lifelong learning and welfare reform. International Journal of Lifelong Educati-on, vol. 18, n.º 6, pp. 431-452.

    Please also see: COMPALL Preparation Material for Winter School

    Transnational essay

    For the preparation of the transnational essay, each participant will be matched with the moderators of the respective groups. After the matching, you may agree with the moderators of your group – depending on your interest – on the concrete focus of your short transnational essay (5-6 pages). Please upload your transnational essay as a PDF file until 15 January 2017 at the moodle platform at the tool "Forum & submission of the transnational essay")

    By the transnational essay, each students will provide to the group fellows an insight into his/her home country. In the transnational essay you can answer the questions given in the description of your Comparative Group.