Adult Education Academy

Prof. Regina Egetenmeyer

"The Adult Education Academy is a forum, where young and experienced colleagues from different backgrounds in adult education come together. It is great to observe each year the curiosity of all participants in learning from each other. It is each year a possibility to learn more and more about adult education around the globe and to reask one's own perspective on the field and research."


Regina Egetenmeyer works on questions of lifelong learning, informal learning, and professionalization in adult education and mobility for learning purposes. Since 2013, she holds the Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education at the University of Würzburg. She is a visiting Professor at the International Institute of Adult and Lifelong Education, New Delhi. 

  • International and comparative adult education research 
  • Professionalisation in adult education, especially academic professionalisation and mobility 
  • Digitalisation in adult education/continuing education
  • Informal learning in workplace contexts
  • Internationalisation for educational purposes
  • International education policy

International strategies in adult education

Master’s students, doctoral students and practitioners working on “International strategies in adult education and lifelong learning” in the first week of the Adult Education Academy will use a policy analysis perspective. This perspective will enhance their analytical skills by integrating and analysing different perspectives. The theoretical analysis perspective is accompanied by field visits to adult education providers in and around Würzburg. Presentations of international adult education organisations (EAEA, ICAE, DVV Internation-al) will complete the programme. These insights will be applied to the analytical models as case studies.

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