Adult Education Academy

Group 1: Training the Adult Education Trainers

Training the Adult Education Trainers

Prof. Vanna Boffo, University of Florence, Italy

Kathrin Kaleja, University of Würzburg, Germany

The Adult Education and Lifelong Learning are fields very wide, but there is a point when it is important thinking the Adult Education as part of the LifeLong Learning. The Training of the Adult Educators and the Formation of the Trainers is part of a training and part of a teaching during the professional life of each teacher, each educator, each coach and trainer.  The initial training and the curriculum of the University Courses are structured, but it is important to study and to build up the professionalization on the job. Which types of guidelines are necessary? The focus of the interactive lessons and the working groups will be the Educational Relationships in the Learning Enviromental on the care of the Self and the care of the Adult students. The objects of the study will be the Interpersonal Relationships, the Communication in the context of Teaching and Learning, the Profile of the Adult Trainers, the Management of the teaching situation. The methods focuses on working group, seminars and active learning. A particular focus will put on the training of parent’s trainers.

Please focus and prepare the following aspects in your essays:

1.    Which is the Historical National Background regarding the Training of the Trainers in the Adult Education?

2.    What are the Policies and basic legislation in your country about the Formation of the Adult Educators?

3.    What are the Specific programmes, activities, project developed on the Parent’s Educational Training?

4.    What is the Parent’s Educational Training in your country? Who is the most important organization involved in the support of the Parent’s Education?

5.    Which is the actual situation in your country regarding Professionalization of the Adult Educators? Which is the actual situation in comparison of any countries in Europe regarding the Training of the Trainers?