Adult Education Academy

Group 6: Educational Guidance and Counselling

Educational Guidance and Counselling

Prof. Hajo Petsch, University of Würzburg, Germany

Prof. Rajesh, University of Delhi, India

Stefanie Kröner, M.A., University of Würzburg, Germany

In the field of adult education, educational guidance as well as educational counselling are being practiced. Whereas educational counselling focuses advisory services for the client and offers information the client could adjust to, counselling has a more subject-oriented focus in questions of learning and other individual issues. Therefore, the systemic approach is a widely used method in counselling. First, we are going to differ the terms guidance and counselling as well the different methods being used. Second, the ratio of both in the participating countries are going to be examined. Third, a comparison is going to be conducted, depending on which nation and educational field, guidance or counselling is the preferred method.

During the comparative group work we will focus on the following aspects (focus of country reports):

  1. Historical national background on educational guidance and counselling: Where do you find roots?
  2. Basic legislation: Is there any legislative background concerning educational guidance and counselling in adult education?
  3. Which actors engage how in the educational guidance and counselling in adult education?
  4. Which programmes concerning educational guidance and counselling in adult education are available?
  5. Financial support/situation: Which information do you have about the financial situation in the context of educational guidance and counselling?