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Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education

2021 - Online Seminar

Contemporary Issues in Adult Education from Nigerian and German perspectives

The weekly online-seminar took place from 15. April – 25. May 2021. Every Thursday, up to 60 students met via the online-platform Zoom to discuss “Contemporary issues relevant to adult education in Nigeria and Germany”. Fortunately, this year we were able to broaden our perspectives with additional international guest lectures and participants from Serbia and Florence.

During the seminar, insights about several topics concerning adult education have been shared. For the first part of the sessions, the professors involved in the project InterAAECT prepared videos and short presentations, to give an overview of relevant topics and their respective field. After an initial round of questions, the participants engaged in group work, presented their results to the other groups and discussed their findings. In summary, this seminar is designed to give the opportunity, to enter cultural exchange with people from different countries, to expand perspectives and just to learn from each other.