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Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education

2021 - Get together and Mini-Conference

"InterAAECT - International Dialogue on Academic Adult Education: Curricular Structures and Teaching Modes"

The event took place on June 21–25, 2021 in Kano, Nigeria. Master’s students, doctoral students and professors from Kano, Lagos and Ile-Ife met to exchange ideas on various topics in the field of adult education and continuing education. The German participants were able to participate virtually via the online platform Zoom. In addition to presentations by the professors, practical insights were also provided through excursions into various fields of adult education. The highlight of the event was a small mini-conference on Wednesday. In summary, the event was a great opportunity to come together, address, discuss and exchange different topics and issues in the field of adult education.


Here are some insights of the event: 

Day 1: The event started with an opening ceremony and some goodwill messages from the host, Prof. Garba Muhammad Tofa from Bayero University of Kano, as well as from Prof. Bolanle Clara Simeon-Fayomi from Obafemi Awolowo University of Ile-Ife, Prof. T.V. Bakare from the University of Lagos and from Prof. Regina Egetenmeyer from the University of Würzburg. Furthermore, the participants were treated to a surprise Nigerian cultural dance performance.

Day 2: After this exciting first day, the event continued with numerous field visits and some sightseeing in Kano. Participants visited the Emir of Kano’s Palace, the National Museum Gidan Makama Kano, the Asimulkufiy Women’s Education, Vocation and Child Care Centre, as well as the  National Commission for Mass and Adult Education and the  Kano Agency for Mass Education.

Day 3: On the third day, the mini-conference took place. This day included numerous presentations by professors, including talks by Prof. Tofa about “Out School Girl Child Issues and Non-Formal Education” or by Prof. Bakare about “Gender-based Violence”. Furthermore, exciting discussions on adult education topics and group work by students took place. The students’ work covered the following topics: “Women Education in Perspective and Opportunities for Lifelong Learning in Nigeria”, “Girl Child Education and Non-Formal Education from the Islamic Perspective”, “An Appraisal on the Capability of Contributory Pension Scheme in Handling Bayero University Kano Aged Retirees Feeding and Medication, Lifelong Learning”, “the Panacea of Poverty Reduction”, “Entrepreneurship as Integral Part of Adult Education for Poverty Reduction in Kano State”.

Day 4: On the fourth day, participants visited the Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, where a lecture about the education of people with drug problems was given. After visiting other departments like shoemaking, tailoring, cosmetics, water factoring, fish farming and catering, a meeting was held with the vice chancellor of the Bayero University Kano.

Day 5: The event ended with a closing ceremony, in which all relevant topics of the previous days were reflected and discussed once again. Everyone had the opportunity to exchange ideas with others.

After all, a few words from the participants: 

"I, (…) affirm and re-affirm that indeed this programme and project has really helped me in the area of comparative Adult and lifelong learning opportunities for Youths and Adult in Nigeria and its contemporary challenges.  This programme has really made me to understand that adult and non-formal education and lifelong learning is a continuous process." - Stephen Williams Oyiborume, PhD student, University of Lagos, Nigeria