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Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education

Bachelor’s degree of education

The Chair of Adult and Continuing Education offers academic offerings for the modules „Pädagogische Aufgabenfelder und Institutionen Lebenslangen Lernens (06-PÄD-PAF-LL, 06-PAF-LLL)“ (educational areas of responsibility and institutions of lifelong learning) and „Pädagogisch-didaktisches Handeln in Handlungsfeldern lebenslangen Lernens (06-PÄD-HLL, 06-EB2, 06-HLL-1)“ (pedagogical behavior in the action fields of lifelong learning).

Module ‘Pädagogische Aufgabenfelder und Institutionen Lebenslangen Lernens’ (Educational areas of work and institutions of lifelong learning)

The courses focus on the questions of professionalization and institutionalization of educational areas of responsibility:

  • What denotes professional educational actions?
  • In what institutions and organizations do educational actions take place?
  • How do institutional parameters influence educational actions?

Starting winter semester 2015/16 this module comprises two seminars. The first seminar (S1) takes place in the winter semester, the second seminar (S2) can be attended in the winter or summer semester.

The seminars are complemented by visits to local teaching facilities, practice workshops and public practice lectures, based on the theories acquired in the seminars. The results of the visits will be presented as part of the module and reflected in a report as part of the module exam.

Module ‘Pädagogisch-didaktisches Handeln in Handlungsfeldern lebenslangen Lernens’ (Pedagogical behavior in the action fields of lifelong learning)

We are also offering the seminar `Mentoring-to-Teach` as part of the module, if the teaching load of the Chair of Adult and Continuing Education allows it.This module can be attended instead of the module ‘Bildungswissenschaftliche Handlungstheorien’ (Educational Action Theory) (06-BWH). The seminar Mentoring-to-Teach deals with didactic theories and principles in Adult and Continuing Education. As part of a mentoring process, continuing education events are explored, based on the theories and principles acquired in the seminar.