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Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education

GSiK and International Adult Education

The Chair of Adult and Continuing Education is project partner of GSiK since winter semester 2014/15

All offers are allowed for the GSiK-certificate and International Adult Education.

In the winter term 2019/20 we provide the following academic offers as part of the GSiK-certificate:

Prof. Sir Alan Tuckett

Lifelong Learning - What is it now and what will it be?

There's more to life than work: Lifelong Learning in the 21st century

ICAE Workshop "Adult education, global development and the International Council for Adult Education"

Prof. Dr. Katarina Popović Lebenslanges Lernen - alte und neue Lernorte und -aufgaben
Prof. Dr. Bola Simeon-Fayomi Afrian Indigenous Teaching Approaches as Innovative Adult Teaching Methods
Prof. Garba M. Tofa Effectiveness of Teaching pracitces of National Open University of Nigeria
Prof. Obashoro-John Inter- and Intragenerational Relationships: Implications for Lifelong Education in Nigeria
Helen Sayegh Global Learning Campus bei Siemens


GSiK-Seminars by the Professorship of Adult and Continuing Education of the previous Semesters

Experience Report by Prof. Shah

In november 2016 we had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Shah, director of the International Institue od Adult and Lifelong Education (IAEA) in New Delhi, at the Professorship of Adult and Continuing Education. In his time as a teacher at the university of Würzburg he held the seminar "International Networks and Organisations in Adult and Lifelong Learning". The aim of the course was to familiarise the students  with the sturctures and working methodes of international organisations. The focus was in particular on gaining a global perspective of Adult and continuing Education. Within the seminar an excursion has taken place to UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning (UIL) in Hamburg. There the participants had the chance to talk to experts and to inform themselfs about the role of UIL in the context of Adult education. In the IAEA Newsletter the Experience Reprot by Prof. Shah was published.

Here is the link for the full report:

Experience Report  Prof. Shah