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Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education

Master of Education

The Professorship of Adult and Continuing Education is responsible for the modules 'Educational Management' and 'Adult and Further Education' as part of the Master on Education.

Additionally, seminars are offered in English, according to granted requests for didactic projects.

International events:

The international range of studies constitute supplemental offerings. All exams with the focus on Adult and Continuing Education can be taken in German with Professor Egetenmeyer. All seminars (in modified order) can also be attended in German.

Therefore, your English speaking and writing skills will have NO immediate effect on the module exam and grade.

Students who have no command of English, are offered individual solutions. Please see Professor Egetenmeyer on this during consultation-hour.

Certificate 'International Adult Education':

If you want an advanced focus on international adult education, we offer you the possibility of a separate certificate ‘International Adult Education`.

This gives you verification of your international and English-speaking skills in Adult and Continuing Education. Further reference can be found under `International Adult Education`.

Modules of the Professorship of Adult and Continuing Education: