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GSiK am Lehrstuhl für Systematische Bildungswissenschaft

Global Systems and Intercultural Competence

GSiK at the Chair of Philosophy of Education

The project „Global Systems and Intercultural Competence” (GSiK) is the only program of its kind in Germany and based at the University of Würzburg. It offers JMU students of all fields of study the opportunity to participate in seminars and lectures of different departments, in order to reflect on their own cultural point of view and to broaden ones horizon beyond their own field of study., The academic classes address topics related to interculturalism and global systems which our connected world is based on. Through the examination of these topics, intercultural competences which are considered to be fundamental key qualifications for one’s professional as well as private life - are strengthened.


GSiK academic offerings at the Chair

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Central key qualification during one’s studies

Intercultural competences present a key qualification for students of Education in all work fields: Because human beings are of a culturally characterized as well as characterizing nature. The human’s culturalism is shown through many heterogenous categories, such as nationality or other local belongings, gender, sexuality, age and generation, physical and cognitive abilities, social environment, religion and philosophy, educational background, work surroundings, etc. Culture is therefore a multi—layered phenomena which experiences constant change and exists in a complex interaction with individuality as well. Knowing about the meaning of culturalism for an individual – also because of one’s own cultural sozialation – is an essential tool for daily educational actions.

The Chair of Philosophy of Education participates in the GSiK program with its own offers. Many of the classes are also acknowledged as academic credits for the Bachelor’s programme “Pädagogik” or the Master’s programme “Bildungswissenschaft”. The GSiK-project offers a certificate confirming the additional qualification for students who successfully complete the program. Through this, students can add a valuable part to application portfolios for future employers, internships or scholarships.

GSiK-research at the chair

Strong in research

The research team actively pursues topics related to the GSiK-project. At the interface between philosophical and educational reflection, we research the theoretical basics and problems of intercultural discussions. Starting at the intersection of the perspective of “individual”, “community” and “culture”, antagonisms develop which are of essential meaning for education. “Power and freedom”, “selfhood and otherness”, “identity and difference” as well as “culture and culturality” are examples for such areas of tension. In further areas of global systems, researchers of the chair focus especially on digital culture and the discourse of education, ecology and sustainability.

Another focus lies on application-oriented consequences as well: Our team does not only develop teaching content but also didactic and methodological concepts that are appropriate for e- and blended learning-based as well as experienced based intercultural trainings and anti-racist trainings as well as offers in the area of environmental education. These enrich the chair’s and GSiK’s offer of courses directly. Through this, we strive for the academic ideal of interface between teaching and research.