Adult Education Academy


The International Winter School ‘Comparative Studies on Adult and Lifelong Learning’ took place in Wuerzburg from 28 January to 6 February 2015. As in the previous year, the programme enrolled 51 participants. However, the group of participants was more diverse, now including PhD students and Asian universities in addition to European universities. Together we discussed theories and approaches to be used for analysing European and international lifelong leaning strategies. Furthermore, direct interactions with key European stakeholders in lifelong learning and with lifelong learning practitioners from Wuerzburg (e.g. Academy Frankenwarte, Kolping Academy Wuerzburg, Continuing Education Center of the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce) were part of the programme. During the second week, the Adult Education Academy focused on the comparison of selected subtopics of lifelong learning in selected countries (e.g. How does the training of trainers vary in different countries?).