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Digital Key Competencies for Study and Work - Development of a Model for the Transformative Digital Competence Development of Students

The interdisciplinary research and development project "Digital Key Competencies for Study and Work - Development of a Model for Transformative Digital Competence Development of Students" (DigiTaKS*) is dedicated to questions around the development of digital competencies of students in preparation for a digitalized working world.

The Project

The DigiTaKS project aims to promote key digital skills among students for professional life and social participation.

The central research question of the project is: How can transformative digital competencies for a reflective co-creation of digitization be taught in the context of study programmes in humanities and social science?

Based on a comprehensive needs analysis of the overall context of digital working and learning in everyday study, various tools and digital settings are being developed, piloted and made available for sustainable use. These include the development of a basic digital package of hardware and software, a tool for diagnosing and developing digital competencies, and a didactic concept for designing hybrid, collaborative teaching and learning settings.

DigiTaKS is designed as an accompanying, longitudinal and multimethod impact research. This means that different student cohorts are continuously accompanied and surveyed in their use of digital media and in their participation in piloted hybrid teaching-learning settings. This will be done using qualitative (observation, group discussion, interviews) and quantitative (standardized survey) methods.

As an interdisciplinary joint project between three universities (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg, Julius-Maximilian-University Würzburg and University Duisburg-Essen), two corporate partners from the media, education and technology sector and an HSU-internal coordination management, the project aims at the development and sustainable provision of accessible Open Educational Resources (OER), instruments for digital competence diagnosis (Selftest) and development (Training) as well as didactic concepts for the design of hybrid teaching and learning settings.

Project funding

The DigiTaKS* project is funded within the framework of dtec.bw and is located in the Organization-Personal-Work-Leadership (OPAL)  research cluster.