Adult Education Academy

    Moderators Week 2: Comparative studies in adult education and lifelong learning

    In the following, the moderators of the Comparative Groups (CG) of the second week of the Adult Education Academy are presented.

    Some of the profiles are still being edited and will only be activated at a later date.

    Prof. Monica Fedeli 
    CG 1

    Dr. Concetta Tino
    CG 1

    Dr. Paed. Søren Ehlers
    CG 2

    Dr. Shalini Singh
    CG 2

    Prof. Dr. Borut Mikulec 
    CG 3

    Prof. Paula Guimarães 
    Week 1 & CG 4

    Dr. Lisa Breitschwerdt 
    CG 4

    Prof. Lucas Pacheco Campos
    CG 4

    Prof. Vanna Boffo 
    CG 5

    Prof. Fabio Togni
    CG 5


    Prof.(H) Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Heribert Hinzen
    CG 6

    Prof. Bálazs Németh
    CG 6

    Dr. Emmanuel Jean Francois
    CG 7



    Prof. Natália Alves 
    CG 8

    Ana Guimarães Duarte 
    CG 8

    Prof. Dr. Silke Schreiber-Barsch
    CG 9

    Lukas Eble
    CG 9



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