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    Prof. Fabio Togni

    Prof. Fabio Togni, PhD, is Professor in General and Social Pedagogy at the Department of Education, Languages, Interculture, Literatures and Psychology, University of Florence, Italy.

    His research focuses on the Quality Education at the Higher Education level.

    CG5: Active ageing - from lifelong learning to innovative professionalisation

    Co-Moderator: Prof. Vanna Boffo & Dr. Glenda Galeotti

    We are living through the most rapidly changing time in human history. Among the many challenges, sociodemographic transformation in Western countries is one of the major drivers of change in societies globally. Specifically, the issue of the ageing of the world population will have substantial effects on the world of work, jobs and professions, in addition to the effects on the health systems and social conditions of different countries. Moreover, it will be necessary to think about the guarantees of a sustainable working life and an exit from work that can be in continuity/discontinuity with the pathways experienced, supporting the exits from the world of work with an adequate ecological, digital, human, fully sustainable transition. It also generates challenges for education and training of the next decades.

    What are the educational and training policies saying about the problem of active ageing? And about the need to equip the adults with skills to cope with life transitions? In fact, there is a real urgent need to improve the Life Skills of the elder population to counter a training denial that can be inferred from the loss of social cohesion, aggregating socio-cultural fabric and intergenerational cooperation.


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