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    Dr. Emmanuel Jean Francois

    Dr. Emmanuel Jean Francois is Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education at Ohio University. He is the Coordinator of the Doctoral program in Educational Administration/Leadership, aswell as the doctoral specialisation in Comparative and International Educational Leadership.

    CG7: Digitalisation in adult education and learning

    Co-Moderators: Prof. Sabine Schmidt-Lauff

    Organisations and educational institutions have used various digital technologies to facilitate adult education and learning in order to provide a better learning experience to adult learners. Such phenomenon is called digitalisation of adult education and learning. Although such digitalisation started decades ago, the emergence of the global pandemic corona virus (COVID-19) has produced an acceleration. The lockdown and inability to continue to provide adult education in-person has resulted in the used of digital technologies as the primary means to resume and continue with teaching and learning. The digitalisation of adult education and learning affects, if not all, most countries in the world. However, the policies, guidelines, approaches, and practices of digitalisation may vary based on socio-cultural, socio-economic, and/or socio-political contexts of nations and regions of the world. This module intends to enable participants to critically and appreciatively (Watkins & Mohr, 2001) analyse the digitalisation of adult education and learning in national/cultural and cross-national/cross-cultural contexts. More specifically, participants who attend this comparative group will be able to:

    1. Analyse the availability, access, and utilisation of digital technologies in adult education and learning;
    2. Identify and discuss policies, guidelines, approaches, or strategies used in the digitalisation of adult education and learning;
    3. Compare the digitalisation of adult education learning between two or more countries.

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