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COMENIUS Multilateral project: Trigger teachers and learners by including new skills and internationalisation in the educational programme for secondary education (TRIGGER)

Education has the challenge to deliver learners that are ready to compete on the global market. Europe must invest in the quality of education if it is to meet the challenges of youth unemployment. TRIGGER project aims to develop a new methodology for the teachers that will help them to teach their pupils to become active Europeans. The project is about: “Trigger teachers and learners, through including new skills and internationalization in the educational programme for secondary schools.

In each EU country, the Common Framework for Europe Competence (CFEC) is a perfect start to prepare youth to become tomorrow's European citizens. With its domains and levels it offers structure for  a good International orientation programme.
However, the framework and new skills have to be implemented in secondary education.  And in many countries the learning method could use a renewal, sometimes being the opposite of showing the youth how to be flexible or enterprising.  Teachers still struggle with the task how to implement EU competences and new skills in the classroom, this is why we start this project.

TRIGGER offers a new teaching approach combined with new learning materials about Internationalization and new skills, such as being adaptive for changes, being a team player, being an active EU citizen, being curious, interactive and taking care of the environment.

Products: an international report, a teacher handbook and 12 learner assignments, a curriculum planner and a management brochure, a project website. All products will be downloadable in 6 languages.
Activities: we will organize two train the teachers workshops; an international seminar dedicated to the project; we will disseminate and exploit the project during its lifetime. We will implement the tools in our systems and keep stakeholders updated through the website, articles and newsletters.

Projektpartner: Landstede Group (NL), Coordinator; Julius-Maximilans-Universität Würzburg (DE); Politeknika Ikastegia Txorrieri S.Coop. Ltda. (ESP); Liceul Teoretic George Calinescu (RO); Flora Vidaregåande Skule (NO)
Gesamtprojektleitung: Margrieta Kroese, Landstede Group
Projektleitung Würzburger Teilprojekt: Prof. Dr. Regina Egetenmeyer
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit: Kathrin Kaleja, M.A.
Zeitraum: Oktober 2013 - September 2015
Finanzierung:Programm für Lebenslanges Lernen COMENIUS Multilateral Projects