• Teilnehmer der Winter School
  • Teilnehmer der Winter School
Professur für Erwachsenenbildung/Weiterbildung

Goodbye to Prof. Dr. Rabab Tamish!


By the end of August, the DAAD visiting professorship of Prof. Rabab Tamish (Bethlehem University) here at the Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education at JMU is already over. We all - students and staff - enjoyed the valuable perspectives from Prof. Tamish very much.

In the virtual lectures during this challenging summer semester, Prof. Tamish managed to provide new views on lifelong learning. With her teaching principle “eye-to-eye-level”, we get to know her as great discussing partner who raised our interest and curiosity to dive deeper into a more social and ethical oriented adult education and research.

Some learner’s voices:

“I enjoyed getting to know the perspective of a Palestinian professor. She had a lot of experience in her field of study and it is always nice to have an international view on things.”

What I really liked […] is the experience and knowledge which [Prof. Tamish] tried to pass on to us as students. […] I realized how powerful community engagement can be, bringing together people around a shared idea like education and working side by side with different parties.”

I loved the guest lectures. Prof. Tamish invited a lot of experts on the field of adult education - all with a very different perspective of it: While for example Dr. Singh is clearly an expert for policy analysis and knows everything about it, Prof. Rashed Al-Yamani gave us an great insight on pre-text based drama and action research. Thank you for this broad spectrum of knowledge!”

The guest lectures have “broadened my horizon a lot. I also found it very good that our discussions in the seminar were very close to life. […] I now look at my everyday life much more critically and I actively question social structures that I encounter.”

Thank you, Prof. Tamish! We really enjoyed your stay and learned a lot.

Thanks also to DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) who supported the guest professorship with means of BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research).