Deutsch Intern
    Chair of school pedagogy


    • concepts of media literacy education in an international perspective
    • children’s and adolescents’ formal and informal learning with digital media
    • interactive whiteboards, mobile learning, web 2.0 technologies
    • action- and development-oriented media literacy education
    • standard models of media literacy education
    • measurement of media literacy and of learning effects with technology
    • measurement of teachers’ motivations for media literacy education

    • action- and development-oriented approaches to teaching and learning
    • theory-driven development and evaluation of concepts for teaching and learning
    • empirical research on media use and on integrating digital media in K-12 education

    • modeling and measuring pedagogical media competencies of students in initial teacher education programmes
    • design of online learning environments
    • supporting teachers’ professionalization using digital videos
    • media literacy in teacher education
    • technology integration in teacher education programs
    • curriculum development in teacher education