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Triseum Pilot Evaluation

Triseum, a US-American developer of educational games, tested its two learning games Arté: Mecenas ( and Variant: Limits ( in schools in Greece, Poland, Italy, Norway, and Portugal.

The aim of this project was to research the impact of the games regarding motivation and learning outcomes as well as the potential and limitations of a classroom implementation in different international contexts. For this pilot, the team of the chair of school pedagogy, University of Würzburg, was responsible for the scientific evaluation in cooperation with European Schoolnet. The project successfully ended in June 2018.

Further information on the project and recordings of the final public webinars can be found on EUN’s Future Classroom Lab Homepage:

The final evaluation report (Tiede, J., & Grafe, S. (2018). Triseum Game-Based Learning Validation Study Evaluation Report. Brussels: European Schoolnet), can be downloaded here:

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Dr. Jennifer Tiede

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  • Tiede, J., & Grafe, S. (2018). Piloting Two Educational Games in Five European Countries: Teachers’ Perceptions of Student Motivation and Classroom Engagement. 2018 10th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications (VS-Games), 1-8.
  • Tiede, J., & Grafe, S. (2018). Triseum Game-Based Learning Validation Study Evaluation Report. Executive Summary - 2018. European Schoolnet.