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Talent Identification in Girls Soccer


Reinders, Heinz, Hoos, Olaf, Varlemann, Stefanie & Howard, Sophie (2018). Talent Identification in Girls Soccer: A Process-Oriented Approach Using Small-Sided Games. Journal of Physical Fitness, Medicine & Treatment & Sports, 1(5)

This paper presents the development of a process-oriented assessment for adolescent elite soccer girls. Based on a 4v4 small-sided game (SSG) the test addresses seven dimensions of soccer skills which include technical and cognitive aspects of modern soccer play. A total of N = 195 female soccer players participated in a test series whereby they completed the 4v4-SSG and a variety of motoric and cognitive tests. Results indicate that the newly developed SCORE test is a reliable and valid assessment for soccer skills and may help to identify talented players for researches and soccer coaches.