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Digitalisation in Adult and Continuing Professional Education

About the project


The project DigiEB is analysing conditions of success in digitalisation of adult and continuing professional education. This study is done on the background of the heterogenous context of this educational field on the institutional and organisational level.

Research questions

For the analysis a multilevel model has been developed. This model is researching digitalisation of adult and continuing professional education on the levels of its societal context, institutional context, organisation, formal, non-formal and informal educational provision, staff as well as its participants. The study is centering the interdependencies of these levels.


Methodologically the study is working with the Critical Communicative Method as well as with the designoriented approach.Therefore, a dialogic analysis- and developement approach is used. Case institutions are selected, which act together with two to four adult and continuing education centers as starting point for the analysis. The data collection and analysis will be done in a mixed methods approach at two different points of time. The quantiative approach is researching in a survey study staff and participants. The qualitative approach is doing focus groups and expert interviews. The study of unexecpted side effects of the design concepts and the formative evaluation of the development process is being done in accompanying  webinar lectures.


At the end of the project, a public conference will discuss the project results in a critical way with practice, research and politics.