Adult Education Academy

    Tadej Košmerl

    Tadej Košmerl is a PhD student and teaching assistant for adult education at the Department of Education-al Sciences, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. 

    His research interests include adult learning and education policy, comparative education and education for sustainable development.

    CG 3: Implementation of the European agenda for adult learning

    Co-Moderators: Prof. Borut Mikulec & Prof. Lucas Pacheco Campos

    The role of the EU in adult learning (AL) policymaking has received significant attention in the field of adult education. The EU is identified, among others, as one of the international organisations that promote particular discourses and policies of AL and stimulate international policy transfer – policy transfer encompasses ideas, ideology, practices and institutions and refers to the processes through which policies travel and move across borders – through best practices, European standards and evidence-based policy. However, although AL policies have no legal effects on member states, as due to the subsidiarity role these are non-binding documents, they are exercised in the form of ‘soft law’ (e.g. recommendations, guidelines) and supported through different governance mechanisms (e.g. standard-setting, capacity-building) and policy instruments (e.g. data generation, benchmarks, funding schemes).

    To identify, whether the tendency to create similar AL policies based on European standards and norms leads towards convergence of AL policies and practices in EU member states, there is a need to examine the impact of EU’s AL policies on country-level AL policies and practices.

    Therefore, this comparative group will examine the impact of one particular AL policy, i.e. Council Resolution on a renewed European agenda for adult learning (CEU, 2011), on member states AL policies and practices in the period 2012-2020, as well as commonalities and differences between member’s states in implementing the European agenda for adult learning in national contexts.


    For more information about the comparative group have a look at our programme!

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