Adult Education Academy

    Tadej Kosmerl

    Tadej Košmerl is a PhD student and teaching assistant for adult education at the Department of Education-al Sciences, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. 

    His research interests include adult learning and education policy, comparative education and education for sustainable development.

    CG3: Adult education and lifelong learning policies - historical trends, political priorities and conceptual elements

    Co-Moderator: Prof. Paula Guimaraes

    The analysis of adult education and lifelong learning policies can follow the models proposed by Lima and Guimarães (2011): democratic emancipatory model; modernisation and state control model; human resources model. This analytical proposal includes several criteria allowing the discussion of historical political trends or developments in each country/region that explain the establishment of adult education and lifelong learning policies; political priorities in national/regional policies developments and conceptual elements in which these national/regional policies are based on. These models seek to embrace a wide range of adult education and lifelong learning policies adopted in different countries and regions, many of these reflecting the impact of the European Union or other international governmental organisations, others revealing the influence of national and regional institutional actors. Built on a continuum, these analytical models are not exclusive but can show hybridisation, as a national or regional policy can present characteristics of different models. Some countries or regions favour policies based on upskilling of the workmanship through learning programmes, its adaptation to the labour market needs and the raise of productivity and economic competitiveness; others are more directed at developing education and training systems, favouring formal education and training, school certification and professional qualification of adults that are part of more formalised and ruled labour markets; others still are oriented towards democratic and emancipatory principles, fostering participation and equality of opportunities within liberal adult education and popular education programmes.
    The expected learning outcomes of this comparative group is to gain insights on:

    • different as well as similar national/regional adult education and lifelong learning policies under development in several countries or regions
    • understanding such similarities and differences according to national/regional historical trends, political priorities established (considering the influence in policy decision of international governmental organisations, national civil society or profit-making organisations, etc.), and conceptual elements based on which adult education offers (such as second-chance education, vocational education and training, popular education, community education, etc. as well as aims of programmes, pedagogic methods favoured, adults’ forms of participation and assessment) are.

    For more information about the comparative group have a look at our programme!

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