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    Prof. Sir Alan Tuckett

    "Adult education can transform lives, but joining in isn't always easy for people marginalised and excluded from learning earlier in life.  My passion as a teacher, organiser, advocate and researcher has to overcome barriers to participation, and to celebrate the experiences and lives of adult learners.  At the start of my career I helped start a national adult literacy campaign in Britain, later I organised Adult Learners' Week - a festival to celebrate existing learners and persuade others to take the chance to learn.  It spread to 55 countries.  But to have a chance there have to be policies and provision to make it possible.  My research has been on qualitative and quantitative evidence on barriers to participation and on effective strategies to overcome them, and on adult learning policy."


    Sir Alan Tuckett is Emeritus professor of Education (from January, 2021) of the Institute of Education, Faculty of Health Wellbeing and Education at the University of Wolverhampton, UK, former director of the National Institute for Adult and Continuing Education, also former president of the International Council for Adult Education. Sir Alan Tuckett is a distinguished thinker and advocate of adult and lifelong learning.

    CG9: The roles of adult educators in the development of learning cities and learning communities

    Co-Moderator: Prof. Dr. Balazs Nemeth 

    Having been identified in several recent documents of UNESCO and its Institute for Lifelong Learning, The comparative research of learning cities has become an important issue for adult education and lifelong learning in several aspects. Also, learning cities could successfully integrate global and local influences upon adult learning in order to claim a special role for knowledge transfer, community development, skills development for individuals. Today, not only policy perspectives on lifelong learning, but also the dimensions of citizenship education can be strongly tied up to learning cities, on the one hand, when we try to underline the role of professional roles to orientate learning city developments towards SDGs, more precisely, to quality education and learning. On the other hand, adult educators have a responsibility to organise community- focused and needs- oriented celebratory events of learning festivals, adult and lifelong learners’ weeks, etc. These events should help raising participation and quality in adult learning through the development of knowledge and skills. Comparison of learning cities, regions and of learning communities allow us to recognise similarities and differences in order to get a better understanding of the topic with transnational perspectives and collaborative approaches. ASEM LLL HUB, PASCAL Int. Observatory and ESREA publications will be of help in this context.

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