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    Hannah Hassinger

    Hannah Hassinger is a doctoral student at the Professorship for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning.

    In her research, she works on time and learning in the relation to gender and social inequality.

    CG2: Acquisition of digital competences through study programs in adult education

    Co-Moderators: Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Lauff Dr. Jörg Schwarz

    The digital transformation of the global society enables new types of educational practices, creates demands for new educational offers and changes educational organisations in all areas of (national) education systems. This also results in changed demands on adult educators. As professionals, they must be able to use the full potential of digital technologies. This includes not only the pure application, but also the targeted adaptation and sometimes the demand-oriented further development of digital tools. However, the competence for a critical reflection of individual and social consequences is also indispensable - especially in the field of education.

    But to what extent does the training and development of disciplinary and interdisciplinary digital competences have a systematic place in the study of adult education? In many cases, students are primarily thrown back on everyday practical experiences and usage habits in their digital practices; a professional reflection of these practices and also the targeted teaching of digital competences are indispensable for the professionalisation of future adult educators.

    The comparative group takes an international-comparative perspective and asks about the different approaches to teaching digital competences in adult education studies and the experiences of students in developing these.


    For more information about the comparative group have a look at our programme!

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