Adult Education Academy

    Selection criteria

    The selection process follows five criteria. Criterion 1 and 2 are prerequirements, which have to be fulfilled to go into the ranking process of criteria 3-5. Criteria 3-5 are based on a point system of max. 100 points in total for the highest match with the criteria. For the ranking, your application form and the statement of reference from a university professor of your home university will be taken into account. The allowance for travel and stay will be distributed based on the received points.


    Criterion 1: English language skills

    Due to the intensive interactions in English during the Adult Education Academy, only applicants with a proficiency in English on the level of B2 (see Common European Framework of Reference for Language) or higher can be considered. Participants need to provide a proof of their language skills (e.g. by the statement of a university professor).

    Criterion 2: (International) Diversity

    The Adult Education Academy intends reaching master's and doctoral students from different countries. Learning from and about each other is a main aim of the Adult Education Academy. To ensure also the participation of (female) students, who do not intend to travel alone,  two students per university, will be selected. Remaining allowances for travel and stay can be used for the approval of more than two applications per university. In case of a very high number of applications, countries and continents will be taken into account when selecting students, for ensuring a high diversity amongst the participants. The selection process follows a strict idea of gender equality - the ratio is oriented on the number of male and female applications.

    Criterion 3: Study phase and study emphasis (max. 40 points)

    Due to the regulations of the DAAD-programme, only applications from international Master and doctoral students can be considered. Students who are more advance in their studies will receive a priority consideration. A minimum of 20 points must be reached in order to being considered. An emphasis on questions of lifelong learning as well as adult and continuing education in the university studies is considered a plus. Study subjects can be e.g. education, psychology, politics, sociology, human resource management. Furthermore, applicants who already work on topics in regard of one of the comparative groups can be ranked higher. Applicants who have already attended the Adult Education Academy on Comparative Studies in Adult and Lifelong Learning will be ranked lower, to ensure an access to participation.

    Criterion 4: Study achievements, voluntary engagment, relevant knowledge, experiences from practice (max. 30 points)

    Applicants with very good study results, voluntary engagement, knowledge and practical experiences in the field of lifelong learning will be considered with priority. A minimum of 15 points has to be reached to be considered.

    Criterion 5: Financial need (max. 30 points)

    Applicants, who can show the financial need for an allowance for travel and stay will be considered with priority. Therefore, application should reason their financial need in the application form.


    Members of the selection committee

    • Prof. Regina Egetenmeyer, Julius-Maximilian University Würzburg
    • Prof. Sabine Schmidt-Lauff, Helmut-Schmidt University Hamburg
    • Jennifer Danquah, Julius-Maximilian University Würzburg