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Chair of school pedagogy

Breaking Bad Behavior

Breaking Bad Behavior is an interdisciplinary project of the Chair of School Pedagogy and the Chair of Human-Computer-Interaction at the Julius Maximilians-University of Würzburg.


Project Aims

  • Developing a fully immersive virtual classroom (designing the room, avatars and their potential behavior patterns, control elements for operating the simulation, …) in which classroom disruptions can be created systematically

  • Developing a lesson concept for the advancement of class management competencies in initial teacher education using the virtual classroom


Aspired goals:

  • Advancing class management competencies of (future) teachers

  • Practice- and theory-based development, realization and evaluation of an innovative pedagogical practice where the fully immersive virtual classroom is used successfully for advancing class management competencies


Participating Chairs:

  • Chair of Human-Computer-Interaction, Prof. Dr. Marc Latoschik (JMU)

  • Chair of School Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Silke Grafe (JMU)


In this project, the team of the Chair of School Pedagogy, University of Würzburg, is responsible for the implementation of the virtual classroom into preservice and inservice teacher training. This includes the development, realization and evaluation of a sound didactical concept using virtual reality constructively.

If you have further questions, please contact christian.seufert@uni-wuerzburg.de or alice.wittmann@uni-wuerzburg.de.