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    Chair of school pedagogy

    Teaching and Learning

    Oriented towards action and practice

    Students develop central study contents in groups, working on complex tasks and using various digital media offerings. Working with interactive whiteboards, tablets or smartphones optimally prepares them to handle digital media in an action-oriented way also in school. In this context cooperating with schools is also important, for example for inservice teacher trainings our students prepare and put into practice.

    Inclusion of innovative media offerings

    By the inclusion of innovative media formats and their pedagogical consideration, we facilitate a reflective and critical handling of a broad range of digital media. To give an example, our students use Augmented and Virtual Reality, Apps or also Smart Response Systems for planning, evaluating and reflecting on lessons.

    Interdisciplinary and international comparative

    Students develop competencies in interdisciplinary cooperation, for example with the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction, in joint seminars about teaching and learning with Augmented and Virtual Reality. For the purpose of advancing the students’ intercultural competencies, webinars with the Media Education Lab at the University of Rhode Island, USA, are developed in which students from Germany and the USA reflect on media offerings and lessons together.