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    Chair of school pedagogy

    Research at the MEET-Lab

    Our research projects focus on aspects of teaching and learning with and about digital media in school and lessons as well as in teacher education from a pedagogical, technical, interdisciplinary and international comparative perspective.





    • Breaking Bad Behaviour: In order to advance the students’ class management competencies, a Virtual Reality Environment was developed in cooperation with the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction, Prof. Dr. Latoschik. We also study the implementation of this environment in teacher education. Click here to learn more.
    • VARyFast: VARyFast is an inter-university and interdisciplinary initiative (Virtual + Augmented Reality in the FAST Alliance) where modules are developed to foster a basic education in the fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality in various degree programs, e.g., teacher education, engineering studies, and social pedagogy. Click here to learn more.
    • ITELab: The Initial Teacher Education Lab is a European project, co-funded by the European Commission, for the development and evaluation of modules and MOOCs for the advancement of preservice teachers’ pedagogical media competencies. The research alliance includes six European universities and four industry partners.  Click here to learn more.
    • Triseum: In collaboration with EUN Schoolnet, we evaluate the implementation of two educational games by the US-American software developer Triseum in five European countries. We analyze the potential for increasing motivation and learning outcomes as well as potential and limitations of an implementation in school. Click here to learn more.



    Selected Publications:

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