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    Chair of school pedagogy

    Research at the MEET-Lab

    Our research projects focus on aspects of teaching and learning with and about digital media in school and lessons as well as in teacher education from a pedagogical, technical, interdisciplinary and international comparative perspective.



    Some research projects

    The chair participates in work package 8 (WP 8) of the interdisciplinary project on teacher education funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In cooperation with the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction and the Professorship of Computer Science Education, the research focus is on training and advising teacher educators on digital teaching-learning skills using VR.

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    In cooperation with the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction, a Social VR application is being developed that will be tested and used as part of the project to promote media pedagogical competencies among student teachers and teacher educators.

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    In order to advance the students’ class management competencies, a Virtual Reality Environment was developed in cooperation with the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction, Prof. Dr. Latoschik. We also study the implementation of this environment in teacher education.

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    VARyFAST is an inter-university and interdisciplinary initiative (Virtual + Augmented Reality in the FAST Alliance) where modules are developed to foster a basic education in the fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality in various degree programs, e.g., teacher education, engineering studies, and social pedagogy. Click here to learn more.

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