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    International Winter School

    Preparatory phase

    For preparation you are asked to do an online tutorial, some reading and write a transnational essay (8-10 pages) on the topic of your Comparative Group.

    Moodle platform

    1. The preparation of the Winter School is going to be done online at the moodle platform WueCampus. For the login in, please first register at https://wuecampus2.uni-wuerzburg.de/moodle/login/signup.php
    2. Afterwards, please forward the email adress you registered with via email to lifelonglearning@uni-wuerzburg.de
    3. After you have been given access, you will be able to visit the moodle platform here: https://wuecampus2.uni-wuerzburg.de/moodle/course/view.php?id=23717

    Online tutorial

    At the moodle platform you will be able to participate at online tutorials, which should help you to prepare for the first week of the Winter School. These online tutorials are organized in a self-directed learning mode. Each tutorial is structures in a different way. Please work step by step on each tutorial. As it will take time to work on each session, we advise you to plan some time starting with the beginning of December. This will allow you a good an in-depth preparation for the Winter School.

    1. Introduction into the COMPALL Winter School
    2. International Networks Organisations, reflection and online discussion (on AdobeConnect via WueCampus) on November 27, 10 .00 and November 29, 13.00 (on AdobeConnect)
    3. European Lifelong Learning & reflection
    4. European Policies Strategies, reflection and online discussion (on AdobeConnect via WueCampus) on December 11, 10.00 and December 14, 18.00
    5. Introduction into international comparison & reflection
    6. Two examples for Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
    7. How to write a transnational essay
    8. Selected Country Insights into Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

    There will be a course platform on WueCampus in which you will be prepared by the moderators in your comparative group for the second week of the Winter School.

    Transnational essay

    For the preparation of the transnational essay, each participant will be matched with the moderators of their respective groups. After the matching, you may agree with the moderators of your group - depending on your interest - on the con-crete focus of your short transnational essay (8-10 pages).

    Please upload your transnational essay as a PDF file until January 20 at the moodle platform. By the transnational es-say, each students will provide to the group fellows an insight into his/her home country. In the essay you can answer the questions given in the description of your Comparative Group.