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    International Winter School

    Qualitiy in the Adult Learning Sector

    Prof. Balasz Németh, University of Pécs, Hungary

    Christian Müller, Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany

    The topic of quality has recently been described in a very detailed way in documents and position papers of international organisations, like UNESCO, the European Union and other international stakeholders in adult education as the International Council in Adult Education (ICAE) and the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA). However, the issue itself is under serious scrutiny, referring to the main questions: what makes quality in adult learning and education? Who is responsible for quality? What tools are available to work on quality in adult learning and education? Within the comparative group work practical examples on quality instruments and approaches from EU-member states’ adult education to promote quality learning and performance will be collected and compared.

    During the comparative group work we will focus on the following aspects (focus of country reports):

    1. What makes quality in the adult learning sector a relevant and/or current issue?
    2. What is the history and evolution of quality in the adult learning sector? Do you find some early examples/struggles of extramural actions or recent attempts?
    3. Explain the role and impact of policy and legislation, or the lack of legislation on the topic!
    4. What roles for stakeholders exist to promote quality in the adult learning sector?
    5. Please give examples of challenges in a small SWOT-chart referring to your own country.
    6. Please provide two or three examples of quality instruments in the adult learning sector in your country.