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    The image of families in current primary school textbooks


    The aim of this research project is to analyze, which concepts of families are observable in current primary school books and what portrait of a family is consequently created. This means to analyze the quantitative and qualitative meaning of the subject matter family in the particular school books, as well as primarily the depicted structure of family (family size, family members, socio-economical and socio-cultural background of the depicted families), the characterization of the individual family members and the socio-emotional relations within the family. The analysis results are correlated with current sociologic family models and data of social accounting.



    Range of Project-Related Publications

    Stürmer, V. (im Druck): Familienbilder in Erstlesefibeln. In: Ritter, Michael/Roeder, Carolin (Hrsg.): kjlm extra 2017. Familienaufstellungen in der Kinder- und Jugendliteratur und Medien.