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    • Historical reserach on primary schools
    • Influence of progressive teaching movements on the configuration of primary school


    • Primary school-specific didactic models
    • Pedagogical profile of primary schools
    • Theory-practice-ratio
    • Sachunterricht (studies of science and history)
    • Acquisition of written language

    For lectures and publications please refer to this document.  

    On April 16th, 2005, Johannes Jung PhD gave a lecture on the subject of `How writing was invented` as part of the children’s university in Wuerzburg. In the main auditorium, filled to capacity on four times, elementary school children learned of how language and writing came to be from the perspective of various scientific disciplines. First, they heard about the oral coding of certain contents, that is the formation of terms and with that the abstraction of a local and temporal bonds. In the second step, it was reconstructed together with the children, how sound-oriented writing developed out of pictographic scripts and how this has not undergone any kind of fundamental modification as an epochal cultural achievement to this day. It was positively noted afterwards that most of the present primary school children had already mastered this in the history of mankind roughly five-millennia-long process in a minimum of time – a learning performance often taken for granted and erroneously regarded as ordinary.