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Studying Abroad

ERASMUS studies

The Institute of Education has ERASMUS agreements with various European universities.

Students of the Institute of Education have the possibility to complete a semester abroad at one of these partner universities.

The following overview should help you find the right university for you:

We most gladly support your decision to spend a semester abroad!

This site gives some information about the application procedure. Additionally, you will find the most important dates and deadlines to be aware of during the application process.

Application procedure:

The first step in order to apply for a semester abroad is to arrange an appointment during consultation-hour with Maren Toepler or Prof. Egetenmeyer under erwachsenenbildung@uni-wuerzburg.de.  We would like to get to know you in a personal and informal meeting to learn more about your motivation and your interest in a semester abroad. This helps finding a suitable partner university for your semester abroad.

Please send us the following information by email beforehand in preparation for the meeting

  1. Degree program and current semester

  2. Information about the place (country and university) you would like to study at

  3. Time and duration of the semester planned abroad

  4. An approximate estimation of your language skills (English and respective local language)

  5. A rough overview over the courses and modules you still have to complete in Würzburg or alternatively want to substitute with courses at one of our partner universities.

If we are able to find a suitable opportunity for a semester abroad together, it is your responsibility to fill out the acceptance  and submit it to Prof. Egetenmeyer to sign. Once, you decided definitely on a semester abroad, we will nominate you at the respective partner university as exchange student.

Your documents will then be forwarded to the International Office in Würzburg, after a positive response from the partner university. The International Office will assist you in further matters regarding scholarship, registration with MoveOnline, possible visa-related questions, etc. Further information of the International Office can be found under http://www.international.uni-wuerzburg.de/auslandsstudium/.

Since the application procedure for a semester abroad requires numerous formalities, it is advisable to apply early on. Please be aware, that it may take a couple of weeks starting from the first meeting up to the actual acceptance of the nomination by our partners.

Please be aware that you have to sign in at MoveOn until the 31.03.2021 by yourself.

Application deadline for the respective following academic year is the end of April.


This means, that if you want to spend e.g. the summer semester of 2021 abroad, you must apply by the end of April 2020.

In some cases, it is possible to assign remaining free places after the deadline, but this cannot be ensured.

This chart shows the number of Erasmus-students (B.A. Pedagogy/M.A. Educational Science, Teacher Training), who were studying abroad through the institute of pedagogy and the Erasmus+ Programme in the past years.