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Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education

The project

The project is based on a dialogue-orientied exchange of junior researchers from Germany and Nigeria

A subject-specific interest in curricular structures and didactics in higher education within the field of adult education is the contentual focus. The project is aiming for the development of didactics and methods in academic adult education. Through international comparison of increasingly international learning environments, a cultural, religous and context-specific sensibilization is being fostered.

The target group of junior researchers on a graduate level of doctoral and master's students have are being targeted in the project. Furthermore, within several mobility phases, also staff of the involved partners in included in that dialogue. A sustainable reinforcement of insitutional partnerships is undertaken by international comparisons with a focus on the development of curricular structures. The sustainability of the programme in being ensures through webinars that are jointly developed by the junior researchers during a Summer School at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.


Entrance to the Department for Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria; Picture: Clara Kuhlen, 2018

The project comprises four phases of mobilities amongst the partners:

  • Mobility phase I: Comparison of Academic Adult Education in Germany and Nigeria (in Germany)
  • Mobility phase II: Institutional Development of academic learning environments - project meetin (in Nigeria)
  • Mobility phase III: Comparison of Academic Adult Education in Germany and Nigeria with focus on Curricular Structures and Teaching Modes (Summer School in Nigeria)
  • Mobility phase IV: Development of learning environments in dialogues (in Germany)


Teilnahme an der Winter School in Würzburg während Mobilitätsphase I  Bild: Bola Simeon-Fayomi, 2019
Participation during Winter School in Würzburg in Mobility phase I; Picture: Bola Simeon-Fayomi, 2019