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Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education

Certificate 'International Adult Education'

Students of the master program with Adult Education as major field of study as well as doctoral candidates of the Education department have the possibility to receive a document indicating the study of International Adult Education. Aside from a regular and active participation in the academic offers stated below, at least one small oral part (e.g. poster session in Winter School) and a short, written report are required. The titles of your attended academic offers, and your oral and written performances will be noted on the document.

Requirements, that must be met in the course of the master program, are:

  1. An active participation in Winter School (can regularly be allowed for Modul 06-BM)

  2. An active participation in at least two more academic offers of guest professors, in addition to the regular study (guest lectures do not count)

  3. An oral performance

  4. A written report (ca. 5 pages)

The documents for requesting the certificate can be found here.